How to Search Using Plain URL?

Access Denied – Access Granted

Are you working in a company? Are you working in a business where in you do not have the freedom in accessing other sites from the internet? Basically, the concept of this is that your company or provider is placing a web filter to limit your access. This is advisable for some companies. However, if your work is related to the internet, being able to access it for added information can sometimes be handy. Yes, there is a way for us to do this without messing up our company’s web filter. Visit here to find official website

The thing you must do is use plain url. Include “Https:// or Http://” when you type in the web address. For some web filters, they cannot block such action. If you type in a generic URL, these web filters will consider this safe. That is the reason why it will grant you access. If this does not work, you can go to your browser, internet option and web filter tab. You can edit your web filter with from this tab. Just make sure to delete browsing history once you are done. This reason for this is for your IT department will not be able to track your activity. You might get in trouble if they found out you are using this method.

In some cases, you can just search proxy servers for faster results. Just to set your expectations, some of these proxy servers will only allow you to view and nothing else. The idea of proxy servers is that instead of going through your company’s system, you go through their website and they will be able to re route your access. It is easier compared to other processes in by passing your internet security. Just remember to delete your browsing history as well when it comes to using proxy servers. In case your IT department finds out what proxy server you are using, they will just add it to the list of banned sites in their system and you will no longer be able to use it. There are only a few of good proxy servers out there so be picky with your choice.