How does url blacklists?

The only way to get rid of the sites to get blacklisted is by using the techniques that are not questionable; which co-incidentally were used as of late to gain a lot of rankings. Even if the site is not blacklisted, even then the site will be deposited under a heavy load of traffic as a penalty so the owner suffers all the same. Whenever a site is blocked by a search engine, it will end up in throwing the website off the lists and prevent the website to come on board a second time.

  Mirror websites used to be one of the popular websites of the late times that can gain a website some lot is case the rank is concerned and provide a lot of benefit to the user as well. The name suggests the entire technique in itself. The websites which have identical content but different urlblacklist are known to us as a mirror website. As of the modern times the mirror websites are heavily penalized by the search index Google.

Cloaking: It is the process to deceive the search engine as well as the visitor by setting up of a different page for a visitor as well as the search engine. When a visitor comes to a website, he sees an exceptionally well webpage while at the same time when the search engine visits the page; it views and scans a page of highly optimized text. If it is deceptive, it will be caught immediately and this is a reason for which the various websites pay very dearly: some of them are even banned for their entire lifetime.

Cheap host: It can hurt the search engine a lot in the engine rankings. If the Google bot will not be able to view the site enough number of times then automatically the site will drop its rankings.


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